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Palm Springs is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern California and offers a variety of options for visitors who want to gamble, shop or stroll through art galleries. A few hours of hiking, a few days camping and a bit of shopping and you are in the middle of a sun-drenched place.

The 2-hour drive to Palm Springs takes you to a stunning coastal town, located in different neighborhoods with their own unique flair.

Highway 111 runs east to west along the mountainsides and connects the city with the Palm Springs area. The city is a major contributor to the bliss of the desert, making it the sought-after Southern California escape it is today. Rancho Mirage, a small town in the San Jacinto Mountains, is surrounded by the beautiful desert of Southern California and consists of three major cities: Palm Desert, Palm Beach County and Desert Hot Springs. Each of these cities is located within the Palm Springs themselves, of course, but they all contribute to making the great Palm Springs area a great destination for vacationers.

Amtrak operates the San Joaquins train, which runs through California from the Central Valley to the Bay Area via Sacramento and offers connections to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and San Francisco, while Amtrak Thruway coaches offer two round trips from Palm Springs to Indio. Amtrak also offers a 2-hour round trip from San Jose via the El Cajon Expressway to Palm Desert, with one or more onward trips to Indio and then a 3-day round trip from Las Vegas, Nevada, through the Hot Springs Desert and back to Palm Springs, all in one day.

The Amtrak Thruway Bus Service has also organized a two-hour round trip from Palm Springs to Indio via the El Cajon Expressway, with a onward trip to Palm Desert.

Palm Springs is a paradise for vintage lovers, and they get good pieces from all decades. Many of the small boutiques are located in the Palm Desert Premium Outlets, as well as a few in Indio, but you will find Desert Hills Premium Outlets that I really like. They hand out copies in hotels and newsstands, so Palm Springs must be a paradise for classic car lovers.

If you plan to travel to Palm Springs in the future, bookmark and pin this guide for reference. If you are in Palm Desert or have any missing travel suggestions, I would like to hear about it in your comments. Another blog post about California road trips, and if you're planning to travel to Palm Springs in any season and anywhere in Southern California, we're always looking for great travel ideas!

It will tell you where to stay, what to eat and how to burn out, but it's simply the ultimate Palm Springs guide with tips and tricks on where to stay and what to eat. This colorful Saguaro hotel is a gem in Palm Springs, so head there and make sure you visit and stay there!

Many of the Palm Springs vacation rentals have air conditioning to keep cool in the summer heat, as well as views of the hills surrounding the Sonoran Desert.

You can even explore the mineral springs on site or spend the day at one of the many spa facilities - like Palm Springs. There is nothing better than being pampered to ensure that you feel completely relaxed before you head off to your next destination, whether it is a hotel, hotel room, spa or even a wellness centre.

If it's too hot for coffee, why not treat yourself to a drink at the Rowan's rooftop bar in Palm Springs? With about 5 floors, it is the tallest building in the entire Palm Desert and also has a view. Four locations, including one of the best cafes in the city and a great place for dinner and drinks. As palm spring admirers expect, they can head to the restaurant, bar, spa, hotel room or even spa for the perfect meal.

The Palm Springs cable car whisks visitors to almost the entire Coachella Valley. Located just a few miles north of Palm Canyon Drive in the Palm Desert, it is protected and is comforted by Mount Desert Hot Springs National Park and the Desert Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. The commercial downtown of Palm Springs stretches for a mile from North Palm Canyon Drive to Alejo Ramon Street. From the top of a tall building in the centre of the city, you have a bird's eye view of this area, with views of the desert below.

It is a hike, but in my opinion absolutely worth the trip, and if you get hot out there, beware, it is all painted. Based on our previous trip, we were stationed in Rancho Palos Verdes, which is located just a few miles north of Palm Canyon Drive in the Palm Desert. It is a short drive from Palm Springs to the Painted Desert National Wildlife Refuge and is about a half-hour drive south of town, so it all depends on which accommodation you choose.

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More About Palm Springs