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Desert Hills Premium Outlets is the place to be if you want to grab some sweet deals every time you visit a designer brand. Less than an hour from Palm Springs, this outlet mall has more than 150 outlets and two wings, meaning you can get discounts on some designers and the best of your favorite brands. More than half of the outlet malls in the country , it is home to a variety of retailers that will be your best bet for obtaining discounts and the designer merchandise for all your favorite brands! Less than half an hour outside Palm Beach County, these outlet malls feature a wide selection of designer brands and an outlet wing for every style.

Downtown Palm Springs offers some of the best shopping we recommend, with a variety of restaurants, shops and restaurants in the area as well as a great shopping experience. From shopping and dining to shopping, a visit to Palm Desert offers many options for your shopping needs, from shopping malls to restaurants to glittering pools, all in a convenient location.

If it's too hot for coffee, you can grab a glass of wine at one of Palm Springs "many wine bars and restaurants, or relax by the luxurious pool and perhaps enjoy a cocktail during happy hour. Four locations, including the Palm Desert Hotel & Spa, Desert Inn and Palms Ranch Resort and Spa. Palm Springs is home to some of the best beaches in Southern California, as well as a number of great hotels and resorts.

For a unique retail experience in the desert, be sure to visit River Rancho Mirage. The River Canyon Mall, also located on Palm Canyon Drive, offers a wide range of pieces ranging from mid-century to the present, as well as some of the best restaurants in the area.

If the mannequins and pink dog hairstyles don't get your attention, the right place if you're a dedicated thrift store shopper with a penchant for vintage clothing and accessories. In this shop you will find patient buyers who have done a good job over decades to procure pieces. It's a rainbow - a colorful cornucopia of vintage pieces that Palm Springs vintage lovers have to offer in the sky. There is a wide selection of items for sale, from vintage furniture and clothing to accessories, jewelry and home accessories.

Walking along North Palm Canyon Drive, you'll encounter one of the must-have shopping destinations in Palm Springs: Desert Hills Premium Outlets. Located in the heart of the Palm Desert, just a few miles from the city's main shopping center, it is within 10 miles - and half an hour drive to the west and within 10 miles to be within 20 miles of Palm Springs itself.

If you want to stay in the Palm Springs area, there are a number of recommended shopping centers and malls to choose from. Westfield Palm Desert is an ideal destination if you are looking for a shopping mall with a wide range of high quality retail and restaurant offerings. If you need more than a few items to go shopping, you're spoilt for choice in the Westfields Palm Desert. The Palm Springs in the city centre offer a wide range of shopping options, from restaurants and hotels to restaurants, hotels and retail stores.

Downtown Palm Springs is a fun place to explore shops, restaurants, museums and confectionery shops. If you don't really like to do traditional shopping, downtown Palm Desert has plenty of fun places to explore. As you can see, it is one of the most popular shopping streets in the city and an ideal destination for a day trip or a night out with friends and family.

This section of Palm Canyon Drive celebrates the modern design, art, and fashion that have shaped Palm Springs. It is home to some of the best shops and restaurants in Palm Desert and it is a great place to find a place on our list. There may not be as many great shopping opportunities in the city as in other parts of California, but this list shows that many are well known. This stretch of Palm Canyon Drive is celebrated for its eclectic collection of modern design, art and fashion that has shaped Palm Desert and the rest of Southern California for decades.

Whether you're looking for vintage serving bowls or fashionable scarves, Palm Springs has everything you need, whether you're looking for mid-century modern flourishing or a vintage Versace. Whether you're looking for thrift, vintage, modern or just a bit of everything in between, Palm Desert has it all. We recommend the malls and malls because Uptown Palm Springs is known as a design district and is studded with some of the best shops and restaurants in Southern California and the best shopping in the world.

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