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A new study from Riverside University has found that climate change will have a significant impact on Palm Beach County's hottest summer months, when daytime temperatures average 108 degrees in July and August. According to the study published this week in the journal Climatic Change, the changes will be so severe that they will discourage many from patronizing Palm Springs' most popular tourist attractions, such as Palm Beach International Airport and the Palm Desert Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Moreover, the music business has something for everyone, and many simply have to find out what is really something. The Special Events Center in Fantasy Springs has hosted some of the best music events in the world, from rock'n "roll to hip-hop. Our 2057-seat showroom has played with Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello, Willie Nelson, John Prine and others. Music fans will appreciate our free concert tickets, band tickets and free tickets for all events.

The Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week, which runs from May 29 to June 7, is a great opportunity to sample a selection of the "best Palm Desert restaurants." Whether you're looking for an aspiring musician or a classic rock'n "roll band, there's a live music venue that will keep you entertained. We offer live concerts for all ages, from young and old to old and rich and poor.

If you are nostalgic and want to relive the glory days of rock'n "roll, you will find Rock Yard Fantasy Springs cover bands that pay homage to rock'n" roll at its finest. So if you fancy live music, you don't have to drive far; you'll find it in any of these places. If you have a dilemma about where to go, there is always the Red Barn, the graffiti-lined stage where you can flaunt to get a good view of the city, its people and its music. Local musicians like to play there because the crowds get pumped up and you have the intimate feeling of playing a house party.

This open-air concert space features two bands performing each night, starting with a live music show at the Willows Historic Palm Springs Hotel Bebe. You will feel miles away, nestled in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the Palm Desert Reserves, but close enough to enjoy the best restaurants, museums, attractions and events. The friendly staff of the Village Pub opens the evening with an open bar, good food and a good selection of beer and wine. If you are looking for something more intimate than a traditional bar or barbecue, this is the perfect place for a relaxing evening.

The music here varies by day, so check out the bar's website and Facebook page to see the full live music schedule. The weekends revolve around live acts and DJ spinning sets, but every time you come here you will have a different experience. If you plan to attend an event in Palm Springs, you will need comfortable accommodations.

Fantasy Springs also houses the 3,500-seat Special Events Center and the Palm Springs Convention Center. On weekends, there are various events such as concerts, festivals and special events for children.

Most recently, Fantasy Springs was named one of the ten most beautiful resorts in the world by Palm Springs Life Magazine. Top entertainers such as Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello, David Bowie and many other music fans have rocked the area. The centre is most often used as a venue for concerts, festivals and special events such as the annual Palm Desert Music Festival.

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